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The firm has been constantly endeavouring to broaden its horizons and have been in ongoing association with Welman Architects Inc. for the past 25 years, an American based firm of architects with offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin adn Arizona.

Welman Architects, Inc.
21675 Long View Drive
Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53186

Welman Architects was established in 1989 to provide unprecedented service in the design of extraordinary spaces.  We assist our clients beyond the built environment, advising not only on design, but on all aspects of a project.  Our clients trust our business sense, and soon become our friends.  Our headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin is supplemented by another full-service office in Tucson, Arizona.  The passion for the client's best, as well as for the growth of our outstanding employees, continues to fuel our quest for excellence. 

Welman Architects continues to be a firm that stretches beyond the ordinary, growing in financial strength and satisfied clientelle with each passing year.